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pronatour adventure playground Der Goldene Mann on Schönjoch in Tyrol c Bergbahnen Fiss
pronatour adventure playground Active Camp c Planischek
pronatour adventure playground Höhlenbärpark in Corvara c Moling


Unique adventure playgrounds, which become real tourist attractions in communities and tourist regions, are characterised by original concepts that combine children’s need to play, curiosity, guidance on activities and a strong regional focus. We develop a story that can be experienced throughout the playground and leaves parents and children with unforgettable impressions.


When building adventure playgrounds, we attach great importance to safety – compliance with applicable regulations goes without saying. On the other hand, we focus on ensuring that our playgrounds are as maintenance-free as possible in order to keep running costs as low as possible. This includes the use of high quality materials that are durable and weather resistant.


The history of a place, nature-related themes and legends form the basis for the design of a playground. Experience the world of cave bears, the variety of alpine flowers or a mine. Playful and with full physical exercise, for example on the climbing wall or when trying out trend sports, the topic becomes a real adventure in a holistic way.
pronatour adventure playground Active Camp c Planischek
pronatour adventure playground Flower Park in Schilthorn c Schilthornbahn



Create new visitor magnets in your tourism region with pronatour’s adventure stagings! We will support you from the first idea through conception and planning to successful implementation.


With our adventure projects, we take visitors to unique worlds of experience. We tell stories with a consistent, exciting narrative and draw on the resources available on site.