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pronatour master planning Swiss Skyline on Schilthorn-Piz Gloria in Switzerland c Schilthornbahn

International Toilet Tourism Award 2018 winner

Since 2015 the summit building of the Schilthorn with the revolving restaurant Piz Gloria has been renovated and rebuilt. Where the bond film "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" was shot in 1969, pronatour also set some staging accents: The bond scenes can be seen at the original locations, a glowing "bomb countdown" indicates the departure of the next gondola. On the panorama terrace visitors can expect 3 audio steles for the SWISS SKYLINE and a Bond gun barrel for taking a photo. The WC facilities chosen as the International Toilet Tourism Award Winner 2018 complete the bond feeling: women meet bond and men meet bond girl silhouettes. Coming out of the hypnosis cabin, 007 suddenly speaks to you from the mirror!
pronatour exhibition Bond World 007 on Schilthorn near Bern c Schilthornbahn AG