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pronatour theme park Mooraculum c UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch

The largest moore water park in the Alps

The “Mooraculum” is a model project for nature conservancy and environmental education in the centre of the UNESCO Entlebuch biosphere. Directly next to the mountain railway station and restaurant, adults and children can actually experience the moore and thus learn to understand that this uniquely wonderful landscape must be protected. Building dams to stop the drainage of the boggy soil or to save frogs are just as much part of the playing experience as the moore concert with oversized moore inhabitants made of wood. The Sundew Trail rounds off the park. Experiences gained through the senses are at the forefront here: a tactile handrail leads from everyday life into nature; the listening island provides giant sound funnels into the moore; sundew loungers are an invitation to relax. Guests are directed so that they keep to the path – perfect visitor steering in this protected area!

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pronatour theme park Mooraculum in Sörenberg, Luzern c Bergbahnen Sörenberg




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