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pronatour adventure playground Active Camp in South Tyrol c Planischek

Trendy sports for young and old to try out

Movimént is the motto used by pronatour in developing its summer adventure stage-setting in Alta Badia. The Active Camp at Piz la Ila is one of the first projects realised and is based on a completely new concept: fashionable sports made tangible for non-sporty types – and at a level that also challenges young people and adults. In this non-supervised theme park, there is no standard play equipment, but instead opportunities to climb and move at different levels of difficulty. Depending on age and previous experience, visitors can take a ridge walk on wobbly beam, walk the "Via Ferrata" or balance on a three-metre-high slackline. The Active Camp fills the large gap in facilities between a children's playground and a real climbing trip.

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pronatour adventure playground Active Camp c Planischek




Create new visitor magnets in your tourism region with pronatour’s adventure stagings! We will support you from the first idea through conception and planning to successful implementation.


With our adventure projects, we take visitors to unique worlds of experience. We tell stories with a consistent, exciting narrative and draw on the resources available on site.