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The Wilderness Awaits You

The Wilderness area in Dürrenstein, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is custodian of the only primeval spruce, fir and beech forest remaining in the Alps today. This rare and original landscape has never been altered by human intervention and is the most protected conservation area in Austria - only very few people may enter under strict controls.

The aim of the new exhibition in the ‘Haus der Wildnis’ is to allow visitors, who may not set foot in this precious area, the opportunity to experience the last ‘Urwald’ nonetheless.  It hopes to heighten awareness about the protection of the wilderness and this primeval forest and to emphasise its value and irreplaceability.

The exhibition is arranged into sections, each offering a different experience through the use of interactive and multimedia exhibits.  A virtual reality facility and an ‘emotions space’ make for an intensely visceral experience.

(Photo above and right: Theo Kust)




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