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pronatour exhibit Triassic Park in Waidring c Bauer

Multimedia stations on the history of the earth and the primordial sea

In an interactive adventure exhibition over an area of approx. 400 m2, pronatour has implemented a completely new type of interconnected play concept: the leisure facilities at "Sommerberg" have thus taken on a new dimension. In the Triassic Center, visitors learn the ABC of the earth's history, before being immersed in the depths of the primeval Tethys Ocean to closely examine the prehistoric undersea world. Many astounding and record-breaking primeval details are provided interactively and through the use of multimedia. One highlight is the research camp, where young and old are guaranteed to be gripped with research fever and lets them become keen scientists. The stage-setting arc concludes in the shop with its subject-related range of items. Primeval souvenirs to take home!

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pronatour exhibit Triassic Park in Waidring, Austria c Bauer




Create new visitor magnets in your tourism region with pronatour’s adventure stagings! We will support you from the first idea through conception and planning to successful implementation.


With our adventure projects, we take visitors to unique worlds of experience. We tell stories with a consistent, exciting narrative and draw on the resources available on site.